If you are here because you have had a problem viewing the main site here are some suggestions of what to do.

If you are not seeing the menus or other parts of the site correctly then it may be because you are using an old, non-standards-comlpiant browser, such as an old version of Internet Explorer (IE). Erik would like to recommend the latest version of Firefox form Mozilla as a free, feature-filled replacement . IE 8 should display the new site correctly and is supposed to have eliminated the problems associated with version 7, however, we have not tested this version and you should be aware that upgrading IE on a Microsoft Windows system cannot usually be reversed.

You may have a problem if you are using Safari on Apple's Snow Leopard operating system. This is probably a bug in the early releases as previous versions of the operating system seem to allow the site to be viewed correctly. We will keep monitoring this situation and report back if a solution is found. You may still be able to see the site correctly using Firefox, which you can download, free, from the link above.

Please email Erik with the details of any problems you have. Please include the browser version number (see the browser's Help menu About option for details) and the operating system you are using. Thank you.


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There are many more menus and other useful items on his site.