Hu Xiaofei Seminar 2018

Hu Xiaofei Seminar Group 2018

More than 30 people attended two days of intensive training and an evening of questions and answers with Professor Hu Xiaofei, first generation disciple of Zhang Guangde. Most of those attending the invitation-only event were teachers, eager to refine their knowledge of Daoyin under the expert tuition of Master Hu.

Master Hu began by introducing us to the new 'Taiji Qigong Warm up Exercises' which everybody loved. Although these look very like Daoyin movements they are primarily designed to be warm up exercises, so you don't need the same degree of mental focus. He passed on some of the tips he had found over the years for improving our postures, such as relaxing our shoulders before trying to lift the tops of our heads, which makes it easier than the other way round.

When we began to cover the Daoyin Baojian Gong and Shuxin Pingxue Gong exercises Master Hu was very impressed by the standard of peoples performance so he was able to bypass the basics and pick out areas where different people could improve their performance. His observations were very acute and his explanations and demonstrations were very informative. He gave the best explanation I have seen of Push the Window to Look at the Moon.

Although Professor Hu's English is quite good we were fortunate to have Linlin (Diana) Choy back over from the US to translate for him. Linlin is very experienced in Daoyin herself and has been good friends with Professors Zhang and Hu for many years.

Monday evening practiceOn the Monday evening we met up for a question and answer session, which covered a wide range of topics from the detailed to the general. As well as learning from his wealth of knowledge and experience we were all delighted by Professor Hu's infectious laugh, which greeted several of the questions he was asked. We also went through one of the foundation exercises Professor Hu has been working on with Professor Zhang.

This was a most rewarding few days and Simon hopes that he will be able make it an annual event.