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Other Federation Member Sites

For other information about Daoyin Yangsheng Gong in Europe try the links below.

For events in England:
l'association Kunming in France:
For events in Germany:
For events in Italy:
For events in Spain:
For events in Switzerland:
For The Netherlands:
For Daoyin Newsgroup:

If in doubt try www.dyysg. followed by the domain letters for the country you are interested in!

Other Daoyin Sites

Beijing Sports University:
The Daoyin Centre:
The Fitness Network:
For more international links:
James Drewe's Qigong website
International Institute of Daoyin Yangsheng Gong

Other Useful Sites

If you know of any other sites that may be useful please let us know.

For acupuncture point details Yin Yang House
For acupuncture point details Acumedico
For a free PDF of acupuncture charts
And if you go to the Images section of the Wellcome Trust and search for "Daoyin" you will find an image of the original Ma Wang Dui Daoyin illustration, which is housed at the Wellcome Trust museum in London.